Sunday, December 21, 2014

The Jakarta Post | 2013 New Year Resolution | Desember, 2012 | by Indah Setiawati

What is your NY resolution for 2013, both for your career and personal life? Please elaborate details.

My main target is to release another Supernova series, which is titled Gelombang. Since I just moved into a new house this mid-December, I think I'll still be busy arranging and settling into the new house until January next year. It'll be great if I can start working in February. 

What do you plan to do to achieve them?

As usual, I'll start with research, and research. That usually includes huge volumes of reading material, mapping down details, and lots of pondering. I'll be cutting down public activities as best as I can so I can maximize my time working at home. 

Do you think it's important to have NY resolution?

Back in my 20's, it felt important. Now, I simply see them as to-do-list. Having resolution is nice, but now I lead my life with simpler approach. Whatever comes, I deal with it. The rest, I just try enjoying life with curiosity and playfulness. 

Do you have any resolution from last year that you don't yet accomplish this year? What is it? What is your plan for it -- are you going to add it up to your NY resolution for next year?

That's the thing. Since I don't actually have resolution last year, I couldn't really measure. But, I remember I wanted to take swimming lesson, and yet I couldn't make it happen because the new house building process was really absorbing and taking most of my focus. So, yes, maybe a swimming lesson this year. And, yes, I cannot swim. YET. Will get there in time. 

What is your biggest regret this year?

I cannot remember. I don't think I hold any major regrets. Small ones, perhaps. But they're too insignificant for me to hold onto. 

Last question, what is your biggest hope for the year to come -- personally and in general?

Personally, writing more books. In general, I wish humanity would find better ways to live without torturing this planet. We've taken so much from Mother Earth and other living beings for things and lifestyle we don't essentially need. This kind of living has to change.