Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gaya Travel Magazine (Malaysia) | Travel Anecdotes | Oktober, 2012 | by Irina Norris

My favourite destination(s)… I love Bali, especially Ubud (favourite town / city) because It has sentimental value for me. I often go there with my husband for a meditation retreat or with my whole family for holiday. Ubud represents the cool, quieter, and mystical side of Bali.
I always pack… neatly and well-organized.

I usually travel with… (person? agents? I don't get the question clearly, but nowadays I usually travel with my family)

My dream holiday… Visiting ancient sites in Peru.

My most unforgettable holiday experience… When I went to Bali for the first time, alone, when I was 17 yro.

Traveling tips… Try to plan it well, but always leave room for surprise and spontaneity.

Malaysia is special because… It has the charm of wild, tropical beauty but with well-developed infrastructure.

My favourite Malaysian spots… Haven't traveled enough in Malaysia to answer this. I've only been to Kuala Lumpur. I'd like to say that my favourite spot in Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur's IKEA, but that's kinda sad :)

My most treasured item bought / found during my travels… Authentic local food. 

Yourself in 30 seconds 

Morning person or night person? Morning. 
Black or white? White. 
Sing or dance? Sing, definitely.
Back to nature or city slicker? Nature.
Drive or be driven (public transportation included)? Be driven. Driving is quite stressful in big cities of Indonesia. I don't mind driving in less quiet area. 
Land or water? Land.
The glass is half full or half empty? There is no glass. 
Eat to live or live to eat? Eat to live.