Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A+ Majalah | Most Creative People | Mei, 2005

Describe yourself in 5 words: Freak of Nature, yeah, yeah!

If you were a canvas, you'd be painted by... Pak Tino Sidin.

If you were a microphone, you'd be sang by... Sarah McLachlan.

If you were clothes, you'd be worn by... Vic Zhou.

I like the taste of a/an... fresh water at 15 degrees Celcius.

I like the smell of a/an... garden after the rain.

I love to dance with... a pole.

I want to be with... My late Mom … in 5 minutes and I'll say... ‘I love you’ and ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’ repeatedly for 5 minutes.

My life begins when... I experienced a mind explosion back in 1999.

Most beautiful things I've ever seen was... my baby boy.

My favorite quote would be... There’s nothing new under the Sun.

The soundtrack of my life is... all Tears for Fears best cuts.

I can't live without... Oxygen.

Tagline for your commercial ad... Know thyself. Don’t give a shit about Dee.

The best gigs ever was... RSD at Brisbane, Australia.

I dream of... early retirement then travelling around the world.

My guilty pleasures are... staring at the sky, doing and thinking nothing.

My hidden talent is... Cooking and flower arranging.

Your idea of complete happiness... That unspeakable time before being born.

Cockroach… really scares me because… reasons that I wish I knew.

What inspires you? Life and all its crap.

Best Jakarta spot is... Bandara CGK Terminal Keberangkatan Internasional.

My most embarrassing fashion mistakes was... nge-bonding rambut.

Medicine for my soul and mind is... Sleep. Lotsa sleep.

I wish i was the one who created... Microsoft.

I move my feet when I hear... Kepakan sayap kecoak.

1st thing I purchased with my 1st salary was... Jam tangan Kura-kura Ninja, 1991.

Hardest thing that i should do is... not to laugh for one whole day.