Sunday, April 5, 2020

London Book Fair | Author's Q&A | Feb, 2019 | Flint Public Relations

The first book I fell in love with:

Charlotte’s Web by E.B White.
I read it when I was around 11 year old. I was at awe on how the story was so neatly structured. Of course, at that time I didn’t know anything about story structure. But I could already appreciate how the characters were designed in such ways that they all were interesting—even the less likeable ones; on how the challenge was kept on escalating; and on how the ending was put so beautifully yet heartbreaking. It was the most intricate story I came across at that time.

The author that most heavily influenced my writing:

I cannot name one. I think I took a little bit of this and that from a lot of authors. But, I can tell that my fondness for writing series was influenced by serial books I read when I was a child, like Enid Blyton’s books, and shojo manga from authors such as Yoko Shoji and Suzue Miuchi. 

The author (dead or alive) I'd most like to meet:

I would love to meet Yuval Noah Harari over coffee, just to pick his brain. I was so fascinated with his books and the way he composed his writings. On the side note, I also I wish I could meet Suzue Miuchi who wrote The Glass Mask from 1975 and has not finished the series until now. I read The Glass Mask when I was in highschool in the 90’s. Now that I become an author myself, I feel it’s very devastating to the readers to leave your story unfinished like that. I want to ask her: why? Why she didn’t finish her story for so long? I’d like to offer her some help to finish The Glass Mask in any way I can.